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Blick Art

Blick Art Materials is a family-owned retail and catalog business that supplies professional and amateur artists, students, scholastic art programs, and anyone requiring art supplies for business or pleasure.

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The Project

Blick Art is always looking for ways to merchandise their many different types of craft products and art supplies. From pens, to paint and paint brushes, to sketch books and everything in between. They need free-standing fixtures as well as displays to go on the wall.

Azar Displays' Solution

Blick Art uses Azar’s Pegboard Floor Spinner item #700277-BLK to display notebooks, pencils, paint brushes and other art supplies. They use Azar’s Divider Bin item #556114 to organize loose items in each compartment. Also Azar’s trays item #556115 and bin item #556085 to display notebooks. In addition they have Azar’s 6” Acrylic Cubes item #556109. Azar’s bins, trays and cubes can be used on pegboard, slatwall or counter top. Ideal for displaying an assortment of products in a neat and organized way. On the end-cap Blick Art uses Azar’s acrylic shelf item #556017 to display boxed items. For paint and tape accessories, Blick Art uses Azar’s Wall Bowl Arm Display item #700912. These bowls make it easy for customers to shop what they want, everything is within the customers reach. The great thing about all of Azar’s displays is that they can be used for an array of different products. It’s easy to create a new planogram for any type of product line.

Lead Time

In Stock. Blick Art places orders as needed to ship right away direct to stores, or to hold for shipping at a later date.