What diameter holes are on the pegboard?
Azar's pegboards are the industry standard, 1" on center peg holes. This means that from the center of one peg hole to the center of the next peg hole it is exactly 1". Each peg hole is 1/4" diameter and 1/8" thick.
How thick are Azar's Pegboards?
Azar's actual pegboards are 1/8" thick. However, all pegboards have a depth from the "lip" or frame that surrounds the pegboards. There are variances in pegboard depth per each item #. Please consult the specific item # specifications for the depth of the pegboard.
What material and thickness should the insert graphic be to fit into Azar's Pegboard Headers T-Strip?
Each T-Strip Sign Holder has two channels to accommodate slightly thinner or slightly thicker signs. It is generally recommended to use between 14 pt. and 18 pt. cardstock in the smaller channel or approximately .125" (1/8") thick in the wider channel.   If using Azar's Clear Acrylic Holders, it is recommended to use between 60-100lb paper or 14pt cardstock to easily slide graphic into the sign.
What material and thickness should the insert graphic be to fit into Azar's C-Channels?
Each C-Channel varies by height; please refer to height size for each item#. It is generally recommended to use between 14 pt. or 16 pt. cardstock in the C-Channel, but also thinner gauge can work such as 100 lb paper. Azar can supply die lines for creating graphic strips for the C-Channels. Please ask your sales representative for the die lines of a specific C-Channel, please call 800-959-1295 or email sales@azardisplays.com.
Does Azar sell Pegboard Bases separately?
Yes, Azar does offer pegboard bases separately. For pricing, please ask your sales representative at 800-959-1295 or email sales@azardisplays.com.
What is the weight capacity for Azar's Pegboards?
Weight limits vary by individual pegboard. The limits are also dependent on the distribution of weight on the display.
What is the distance between the two prong hooks?
The distance between Azar's two prong hooks is 1" on center.
Are there online instructions for assembling products?
Azar does not have assembly instructions online at this time. Please ask your sales representative for a copy of instructions by calling 800-959-1295, or email sales@azardisplays.com to request an email/pdf of assembly instructions.
Is there a choice of bases for the floor stands?
The bases for pegboard floor stands come pre-designed with designated bases. For information about different bases or to purchase a separate base please ask your sales representative at 800-959-1295 or email sales@azardisplays.com.


Does Azar ship via United States Postal Service?
Azar ships all orders via UPS, unless otherwise specified. We can offer Fed Ex , please ask your sales representative at 800-959-1295 or email sales@azardisplays.com to discuss further.
Does Azar offer free shipping?
There is no free shipping at this time.
Does Azar ship to international locations?
Yes, Azar ships worldwide. Please refer to Azar's policy on international shipments.
Can Azar expedite orders?
Yes, Azar can expedite orders pending a few requirements are met.
Azar must have the item in stock
The order must be received before 1:00pm US EST
A verbal or written request to expedite the order must be made
Please contact a sales representative for questions regarding stock availability, and to determine if your order can ship the day the order is placed. Please ask your sales representative by calling 800-959-1295 or email sales@azardisplays.com during business hours.
Does Azar blind ship?
Yes, blind shipping is an available option for an extra cost. Blind Shipments requires special handling. In order to ensure efficient processing and shipping, as of September 15, 2015, there will be a $3.00 surcharge, per carton, for 100% Blind Shipping.
As a courtesy to our customers we can offer a Blind Label Shipping at no charge.
Blind Label Shipping includes:
NO AZAR return address on UPS shipping label
NO AZAR name on packing slip
100% Blind Shipping includes ($3.00 surcharge per carton):
NO markings on box
NO AZAR logo on instruction sheets
NO AZAR return address on shipping label
NO AZAR on packing slip
Please contact your sales representative at 800-959-1295 to make this special handling request or email sales@azardisplays.com
Are there any discount coupons or promo codes?
Azar does not have discount codes, or coupons at this time. There is a clearance section on the website where discontinued items or overruns are sold at a reduced price.
Does Azar provide 'no charge' samples?
Samples are subject to availability because many products are pre-packed and shelved in special case packs that cannot be broken up. To inquire about a sample, please call the sales department at 1-800-959-1295, during business hours (hyperlink to "contact us"), or email sales@azardisplays.com
Can Azar be visited to purchase products?
Azar does not have a showroom at this time. Products are sold online on the Azar website, business to business, and through our online retailer partners.
Does Azar accept purchase orders?
Yes. Azar accepts purchase orders, pending credit approval from the accounting department. Please request a credit application by calling our sales department Call 1-800-959-1295 during business hours (hyperlink to "contact us"), or email sales@azardisplays.com
What is the Return Policy?
Requests for return must be submitted within 30 days of the invoice date and a standard 20% re-stocking fee applies to all returns and exchanges. No returns/exchanges or replacements will be accepted without prior approval from Azar. A return authorization number (RMA#) must be obtained from Azar and is valid for 14 days from issued date. Returned merchandise should be shipped in the original carton, clearly marked with the issued RMA# and must be in resale condition. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Unauthorized returns may be refused or subject to a higher re-stocking fee. Damaged items must be reported to the carrier and Azar immediately. Breakage is the carrier's responsibility. Inspect your shipment upon receipt. Azar must file claims with carrier within 5 days and original packaging must be retained for carrier inspection.
Does Azar make custom displays?
The sales team at Azar would be very happy to discuss any specific custom display request that you might have. Please call to speak to a special custom display representative at 800-959-1295 or email project details to sales@azardisplays.com
What is the minimum for a custom order?
Quantity minimums for custom orders varies by project and materials.
How thick is the Acrylic for our sign holders?
Most of our sign holders are 1/10" (.100) thick. Some of the larger frames are 3/16" thick. The thickness for each frame is written in the details of the product in both the catalog, and the website.
Does your Acrylic block UV Rays?
Our Acrylic has some UV blocking attributes, but is not specifically rated for constant outdoor UV exposure or prolonged direct exposure from the sun. The MC reflective Index is 1.49.
Do Azar's hooks work with slatwall, or are they only compatible with pegboard?
Wire hooks work with both slatwall and pegboard Plastic hooks work with pegboard only