Success Story Pet Supermarket

Pet Supermarket

Pet Supermarket, Inc. operates a chain of pet care supplies retail stores in the United States. It offers everything needed to care for pets. They have 200+ locations throughout the United States.

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The Project

When Pet Supermarket came to Azar looking for a custom acrylic two tier counter display for bagged pet treats, we knew we could design, develop, and produce the perfect display for their needs. We asked Pet Supermarket to send us sample product and we created the custom acrylic display to fit their requirements exactly: Compact, Two-Tier, and Acrylic, to hold a lot of product for impulse buy at the cash wrap. Feedback from the buyer, “Azar did a wonderful job helping us create a custom acrylic fixture for our register area”

Pet Supermarket continues to work with Azar Displays for stock buckets and trays for their needs.

Azar Displays' Solution

Pet Supermarket created an entire wall of Azar’s buckets item #556127 for their pet/cat accessories, here is what the buyer had to say: “The small display bucket allows us to really organize our small bulk cat toys.”

Pet Supermarket used laminate inserts in the c-channel to complement the back wall of the gondola fixture. Pet Supermarket created a shelving area inside their slatwall gondola fixture using Azar’s 16” wide open tray item #556070, they also used inserted laminate into c-channel.

Lead Time

Custom Acrylic Counter, quantity 465, were developed, produced and shipped in a 4 week time frame. Stock items ship out right away direct to stores.