Check Out Azar’s Best Selling Wall Mount Sign Holder! Acrylic Sign Holder Vertical or Horizontal Wall Mount With Adhesive Tape.


Azar’s Acrylic Sign Holders, item #122021 & item #122022 are great choices to display information on walls and doors maximizing advertising opportunity. Standard Paper Size 8.5” x 11”, just print and easily display your message or graphic! Use these frames to make announcements, advertise sales / clearance products, branding information, graphics, photos, and so much more. Easy insertion of printed material. The frames will keep your important graphics protected from falling down, warping, and will preserve its longevity. Due to the durable and stain-resistant material, you can use them almost anywhere to present your message, plan of action, or goal. Furthermore, our American Made, heavy duty adhesive foam tape provides a long lasting extra strength grip. The Azar Acrylic Wall Mount Frame Series are available in 20 sizes, so you are sure to find one that will suit your specific needs.

Azar Displays Shops With DTLR

DTLR is recognized as one of the most fast growing, lifestyle retailers of street-inspired apparel in the country. DTLR is dedicated to providing a unique and high energy shopping experience. DTLR used Azar Displays’ Two-Sided Pegboard Floor Spinner, Item #700250-BLK, to display packaged undershirts. Previously they had the packaged undershirts hanging on the wall behind the [...]

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Azar’s Buckets of “Jibbitz”

Crocs Inc. is known worldwide for their specialty in creating one of the most comfortable choices of footwear. They also offer “Jibbitz”, accessories and badges for your footwear. To display the Jibbitz in an organized way, Crocs use Azar’s 13” Divider Bin, Item# 556114. This allows Crocs to neatly separate all the different themes and styles [...]

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Pharmacy shopping with Azar Displays

Hackensack Medical Center is one of the most prestigious emergency hospitals in the country and they make sure that every aspect of their branch has the same public outlook. Inside the Medical Center’s Pharmacy is Azar’s Pinwheel Pegboard Floor Display on Revolving Wheeled Base, Item#700445. The design and structure allows shoppers to easily find what they [...]

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Papyrus goes Acrylic with Azar Displays

Papyrus has been recognized as the leading, privately-held specialty retailer of personal expression products in North America. The company’s name originates from the earliest form of paper crafted from the papyrus plant. Azar Displays’ Deluxe Cylinders SKU #556333-SET is utilized in an open gallery setting to display a variety of items, easy for customers to see [...]

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Azar Displays joins forces with Six Flag’s Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure is a place where you’re able to enjoy your ultimate thrill. Not only can you feel excitement on a ride but also in a gift shop that catches your eye. Six Flag’s Great Adventure gift shops carry a variety of products. Azar’s Four-Tier Bowl Floor Display SKU#751404 helps organize the selection of squishy toys. The design [...]

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Mighty Bright brings light to Azar Displays!

Mighty Bright designs and manufactures portable LED lights, magnifiers and craft accessories. What makes Mighty Bright special is their focus on Eco-friendly materials to create their line of products. Our pegboard displays with revolving bases SKU #703385 & #700277 were utilized to show off their various models and colors. Quote from a satisfied customer: "The greatest benefit [...]

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PennyBandz Shines with Azar’s Displays

PennyBandz is a fun & colorful way to show off pennies from the different places you have visited. PennyBandz uses Azar’s SKU#700508-CLR Rotating Counter Display & SKU #800004-C 4" Clear Lexan Hooks to hang their bandz. These pegboard counter displays increase impulse sales due to Azar’s versatility in size. We have a unit to fit any [...]

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Azar’s Generation of Baby Bumkins

Baby BumKins found their own way of separating themselves from the competition. When faced with the choice of either disposable diapers or old-school pinned cloth diapers with plastic covers, Jakki Liberman decided to create her own alternative. By combining a soft, absorbent cloth inner layer with a colorful, waterproof cover, and replacing safety pins with Velcro, the Bumkins diaper was [...]

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Toys that teach, Displays that sell

Rubbabu toys are classic toys that kids never grow bored of. Soft, safe and fun, these toys are designed for many years of play and learning. The soft tactile material makes them a wonderful developmental aid for children of all ages including children with special needs.Rubbabu toys uses Azar’s Four-Tiered 12" Bowl Floor Display SKU#751204  [...]

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