Color Azar Happy


Blick Art Materials is a family-owned retail and catalog business that supplies professional and amateur artists, students, scholastic art programs, and anyone requiring art supplies for business or pleasure.

Check out Azar’s Pegboard Floor Spinner item# 700277-BLK that Blick Art uses to display notebooks, pencils, paint brushes and other art supplies. They use Azar’s Divider Bin item # 556114 to organize loose items in each compartment.  Azar’s tray item# 556115 and bin item# 556085 are used to display notebooks. In addition Blick Art has Azar’s 6” Acrylic Cubes item# 556109. Azar’s bins, trays and cubes can be used on pegboard, slatwall or counter top. Ideal for displaying an assortment of products in a neat and organized way. The revolving display makes it easy for customers to shop having everything within reach. The great thing about Azar’s rotating rack is that it is versatile and can be used for an array of different products. You can change the hooks, trays and bins easily to create a new planogram for any type of product.

Blick Art uses Azar’s Bowl Display with extended arm item# 700913 to display their selection of ribbons. The bowl with extended arm is placed on the end cap providing easy viewing and accessibility to the customer. Azar’s two –tier cup display item # 225592  holds their pens vertically, and can be used on pegboard or counter top. 

Get Comfortable with Azar!

Crocs Inc. is a world leader in innovative, casual footwear and is dedicated to the future of comfort. They offer fun shoe charms or embellishments called “Jibbitz” to decorate the Crocs footwear.Crocs uses Azar sku #556114 13” Divider Bin with dividers Item #50DIV on their slatwall to display the various Jibbitz assortment. Azar’s multipurpose divider bins are designed for [...]

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Sweet Nostalgia with Azar Displays

Candytopia, a candy-themed pop-up museum exhibits “Colossal candyfloss constructions melding with a tantalizing taffy twistedness” located in NYC. Candytopia brings the Candyland experience to life with its extravagant edible art. Candytopia uses Azar’s sku #751405 Five-Tier Bowl Floor Display to display all its loose candy items. The design of Azar’s transparent bowls, grabs the customers attention, being able to see [...]

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Listen Up Azar Dispays!

MQbix Acoustics Corp manufactures a wide range of products, including high-performance headphones, wireless headphones, earphones and high-output speaker systems for home and professional use worldwide. MQbix uses Azar Displays’ sku # 700256 Two-Sided Pegboard Floor Display W/ C-Channel Sides On Revolving Base to display their wide range of cell phone accessories.  The revolving base provides easy accessibility to customers. [...]

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Azar Displays in New Orleans

Nola Voodoo sell kooky character string dolls of New Orleans that are handmade in China, each doll possessing its own special power that is always positive and helpful. Nola Voodoo uses Azar Displays’ sku # 700277 Two-Sided Pegboard Floor Display On A Revolving Base paired with Azar’s sku# 800004-C 4” Clear Lexan Hooks to hang their [...]

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Kamibashi "Dolls" It Up with Azar Displays

Kamibashi makes fun and colorful character string dolls that come with a story and bring its own “good luck power” to the person that purchases it. These dolls are for all ages and make great unique gifts.Kamibashi buys Azar Display’s Floor display sku# 700277-BLK. They love the floor display because its revolving base engages the customer making [...]

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​Work Smarter Not Harder

Kikkerland Designs Inc. creates clever gadgets that make everyday tasks easier and make you feel happier when you use them!Azar’s risers 515336, 515334, and so many others are used to display Kikkerland’s porcelain cacti collection and other gizmos. These risers are perfect to showcase numerous retail items at varying heights while maximizing counter space. Azar’s clear acrylic risers are practical and lightweight [...]

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The Latest and the Greatest—Azar at NY NOW August 2018!

It was refreshing and mutually gratifying seeing all of our existing customers and networking with new innovative businesses at the NY NOW Show at the Jacob Javits Center.We loved exhibiting and it was an AMAZING show!For those of you who missed us check out our booth pics below!

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Check Out Azar’s Best Selling Wall Mount Sign Holder! Acrylic Sign Holder Vertical or Horizontal Wall Mount With Adhesive Tape.

Azar’s Acrylic Sign Holders, item #122021 & item #122022 are great choices to display information on walls and doors maximizing advertising opportunity. Standard Paper Size 8.5” x 11”, just print and easily display your message or graphic! Use these frames to make announcements, advertise sales / clearance products, branding information, graphics, photos, and so much more. Easy insertion of printed material. The frames [...]

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Azar Displays Shops With DTLR

DTLR is recognized as one of the most fast growing, lifestyle retailers of street-inspired apparel in the country. DTLR is dedicated to providing a unique and high energy shopping experience. DTLR used Azar Displays’ Two-Sided Pegboard Floor Spinner, Item #700250-BLK, to display packaged undershirts. Previously they had the packaged undershirts hanging on the wall behind the [...]

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