Huntington Learning Center

Huntington Learning Center

Posted by Jenny Donaghy, Images provided by customer on Jun 23rd 2022

The Huntington Learning Center in Englewood, New Jersey shared pictures of their most recent outdoor festival where they displayed signage for their tutoring services. The center’s director, Viola, had a variety of pamphlets, flyers, business cards, and pens neatly organized in displays on their booth’s table for attendees to browse.

“Throughout the year, our learning center (Huntington Learning Center of Englewood) participates in a wide variety of community events,” said Viola. “These events are a great opportunity for us to connect with parents and students, as well as local businesses. So it’s important to us to have really sturdy, high-quality marketing displays as this is part of that first impression that parents have of us.”

“We had a free summer reading program that we wanted to share with the parents, so we used the folding chalkboard to let parents know about it,” said Viola (SKU # 300252). “And the display board and flyer/brochure stands were used to showcase our summer programs and our SAT/ACT exam prep programs” (SKU # 252381255042300249). “I have to add, it was a very windy day, and both the chalk-board and the display held up beautifully!”

Viola also snapped some photos inside her location of her desk and added that she uses the outdoor signs on a daily basis to draw attention as parents are walking by (SKU # 556356252720).

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