Clear 6 Compartment Divider Bin Cosmetic Tray with Pushers - 6 Slots per Tray, 2-Pack

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Adjustable Cosmetic Trays
Adjustable Cosmetic Trays
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Azar Displays Divider Tray is a game-changer for the retail industry. The 6 compartment divider insert creates a 6 slot divider tray system. Simply snap in the molded 6 compartment insert onto the tray. Add the included Pusher Tracks to keep your product pushed up front and always clearly visible. Each kit includes 2 of the 6 slot snap on dividers and pushers to make 12 rows of product, 6 rows on each Tray. Compartment size of each slot is 1.75"W x 7.5625" (x6 per tray). The merchandiser tray is designed with an interlocking system to connect additional trays, giving the ability to create a long shelf of these trays. This kit also includes 4 U-hooks that can hang onto any pegboard and most slat wall giving plenty of flexibility of how and where this product can be used. The cosmetic shelf sits at a 90 degree angle off the wall. The tray bin can sit on a counter as well. This cosmetic kit also comes with 2 graphic c-channels to adhere to the front for displaying brand name, color swatches or product titles. This retail display tray kit is the right choice for merchandising nail polishes, lip gloss, mascara, essential oil droppers, hand sanitizers, cosmetic assortments, boxed products, and more! The Tray is available in Black or Clear, and the Insert Divider is Clear.
  • Sold in Multiples of: 1
  • Material: Trays are made from high impact clear Polystyrene and the divider inserts are made from injection molded acrylic.
  • Overall Measurement of One Tray: 12"W x 9.25"D x 2.625"H. The Slot Size for each Compartment is 1.75"W x 7.5625"
  • Color: Clear
  • Includes: This kit includes 2 Clear polystyrene trays, 2 Clear 6 Compartment Insert Snap on Dividers, 12 spring loaded pusher tracks, 2 graphic C-channel holders, and 4 U hooks for hanging Peg or Slatwall. This Set will give you enough parts to make 2 Trays with 6 Compartments on each tray.