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Cleaners & Polishers
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Our NOVUS Blue Label #1 Acrylic Cleaning and Shine Solution cleans and shines the plastic surface of your acrylic material.   Fog, static and dust resistant. This cleaning agent has no abrasive or harsh chemicals. Ideal for cleaning plexiglass PPE shields and panels, and other acrylic or polycarbonate items. Easily clean polycarb bowl displays and acrylic sign holders, risers, brochure holders, cosmetic displays, cups, cubes, cylinders, buckets and trays. This gentle cleanser can also be used to clean glass such as windshields, trophy cases, visors, skylights, lamps and aquariums. Also great to polish appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, microwaves.  Use for ceramics such as tanning beds, sinks, and showers.  Cleaning smudges on electronics such as CDs, DVDs, digital screens, and video games have never been easier. Turn the surfaces of boats, motorcycles, planes and cars into a lustrous finish. Clean menus and mats in restaurants in between people eating.  Protect and preserve your valuables with this cleaning solution. Novus is so easy to use!  Shake well before applying an ample amount and immediately take a lint-free cloth to wipe clean with long extended strokes to the surface.  Using a shorter circular motion follow up with a dry towel to buff until the finish becomes glossy.  Novus Plastic Clean and Shine is available in a 64 oz. and 8 0z. bottle.  Purchase a bottle for your home or business today.
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