Wegman's Supermarkets utilize Azar Displays Trays & Dividers


Buy local, Think global!

Wegman's, a regional supermarket chain utilizes Azar Display's trays and dividers in their local New Jersey stores.

Their Health & beauty Section spots a perfect layout of our modular adjustable trays to offer the best visual merchandising solution.

Check out the photos from one of Wegman's Northern NJ stores.

About Wegman's:

Wegmans is a regional supermarket chain with 94 stores: 46 in New York, 17 in Pennsylvania, 9 in New Jersey, 10 in Virginia, 8 in Maryland, and 4 in Massachusetts. It is one of the largest private companies in the U.S.:

- 47,000 employees
- Annual sales in 2016 of $8.3 billion
- 30th on the 2017 Supermarket News list of the Top 75 Supermarkets based on sales volume