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Check out this Souvenir Shop in Myrtle Beach that uses Azar’s item #700513-ORG 13.5” x 22”H double-sided pegboard counter display to showcase their magnetic body jewelry product line. Each piece of peggable jewelry is hung on Azar’s item #700884 - 4” Metal Hook. The orange spinner compliments the shop’s colorful jewelry collection. Azar’s T-Strip on top of the pegboard is used to hold their graphic to brand the display. These spinners are the perfect merchandising solution for impulse buys to place by the cashwrap. The product is kept at customer’s eye level for easy viewing and the revolving base keeps the jewelry within reach.

BC Mini Goes Big With Azar's Signature Pegboard Floor Spinners

Check out BC Mini’s Tradeshow booth at the NY NOW Show at the Javits Center in New York City.They used 8 of Azar’s signature pegboard floor spinners SKU #700250 to display their fun and colorful products.Quote from our satisfied customer:“When I participated in my first convention we spent hours building shelves and glass display cases. Never has our setup [...]

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