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Chocolate Goodness in a cup finds Azar!

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Rutgers University Athletics Center held a Chocolate Expo on Sunday March 31, 2019. ChocolateU’s booth featured their Hot Chocolate Balls, delightful confections you put into a mug with milk, to make a rich decadent mug of real hot chocolate.

ChocolateU uses Azar Displays to showcase their unique chocolate product:

  • #556112- 8” Cube Bin used to display their wide variety of flavored hot chocolate balls.
  • #152715 – 11” x 8.5” H Double foot sign holder is used to inform visitors of ChocolateU’s
  • #720206- Two-tier counter bowl display used with Azar’s DIV12-02 and DIV16-02 to create compartments for each different flavored chocolate ball.
  • #720016- Single bowl counter display is used to merchandise gift bags of chocolates.
  • Sign Holder Strip on top: The t-strip on top of the bowl display showcases instructions on how to use ChocolateU’s product.

Azar’s bowl displays and cube displays enhances the appearance of any item placed in them. The clear color allows for easy viewing of product. Both displays take up a small footprint and are ideal to place at the cash wrap for impulse buys. All displays are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Beautify your store with Azar’s counter displays!

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MQbix Acoustics Corp manufactures a wide range of products, including high-performance headphones, wireless headphones, earphones and high-output speaker systems for home and professional use worldwide. MQbix uses Azar Displays’ sku # 700256 Two-Sided Pegboard Floor Display W/ C-Channel Sides On Revolving Base to display their wide range of cell phone accessories.  The revolving base provides easy accessibility to customers. [...]

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