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Playing Footsie

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Notes To Self sock company believes in the power of positive thinking and daily affirmation. Their socks and products seek to remind every person of their value, uniqueness and potential to be their best.

Notes To Self uses Azar’s Floor and counter display to merchandise their unique and fun sock collection. The Floor Spinner Rack item#700277-CLR and Azar's Pegboard Counter Display item #700513 keep the socks neat and attractive for customers to shop and buy. Using Azar’s 6” metal wire flip scan hooks, item#700836, Notes To Self writes an inspirational note on the label holder (sold separately). They also use Azar’s Counter Spinner Display maximizing their assortment of socks in smaller retail environments. This rotating display is perfect for any counter, shelf or tabletop to be at the customer’s eye level. Notes To Self adds a large graphic branded sign to the top of the racks to complete the planogram. These floor and counter displays are surely show stoppers! 

Azar Displays in New Orleans

Nola Voodoo sell kooky character string dolls of New Orleans that are handmade in China, each doll possessing its own special power that is always positive and helpful. Nola Voodoo uses Azar Displays’ sku # 700277 Two-Sided Pegboard Floor Display On A Revolving Base paired with Azar’s sku# 800004-C 4” Clear Lexan Hooks to hang their [...]

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Kamibashi "Dolls" It Up with Azar Displays

Kamibashi makes fun and colorful character string dolls that come with a story and bring its own “good luck power” to the person that purchases it. These dolls are for all ages and make great unique gifts.Kamibashi buys Azar Display’s Floor display sku# 700277-BLK. They love the floor display because its revolving base engages the customer making [...]

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