Kamibashi "Dolls" It Up with Azar Displays

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Kamibashi makes fun and colorful character string dolls that come with a story and bring its own “good luck power” to the person that purchases it. These dolls are for all ages and make great unique gifts.

Kamibashi buys Azar Display’s Floor display sku# 700277-BLK. They love the floor display because its revolving base engages the customer making the dolls accessible and easy to view. Kamibashi adds colorful branding to the display using the t-strip located on top of the pegboard display bringing more visibility to these lovable characters.

Azar sku# 700508-BLK and 700508-WHT are used at the counter by the cash wrap to display this product at the customers’ eye level and boost sales. Our 6” Metal Wire Loop Hook Azar sku # 701160 are used with the displays for easy hanging of these string dolls.