Get Your Daily Dose of Azar Displays!

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Hackensack Medical Center is one of the most prestigious emergency hospitals in the country and they make sure that every aspect of their branch has the same public outlook. Inside the Medical Center’s Pharmacyis Azar’s Pinwheel Pegboard Floor Display on Revolving Wheeled Base, item# 700445. The design and structure allows shoppers to easily find what they are looking for without having to walk around the display. Just spin and choose your product!The free standing unit takes up little real estate in the store and can hold a lot of merchandise, all different shape and size packaging. The hooks are placed so that each product has its own face out on the display, making it easy for customers to choose and buy. All Azar hooks are available in various size lengths. Don’t miss out on sale opportunities, put an Azar Pegboard display in your store today and watch your sales increase!