Check Out Azar’s Best Selling Wall Mount Sign Holder! Acrylic Sign Holder Vertical or Horizontal Wall Mount With Adhesive Tape.


Azar’s Acrylic Sign Holders, item #122021 & item #122022 are great choices to display information on walls and doors maximizing advertising opportunity. Standard Paper Size 8.5” x 11”, just print and easily display your message or graphic! Use these frames to make announcements, advertise sales / clearance products, branding information, graphics, photos, and so much more. Easy insertion of printed material. The frames will keep your important graphics protected from falling down, warping, and will preserve its longevity. Due to the durable and stain-resistant material, you can use them almost anywhere to present your message, plan of action, or goal. Furthermore, our American Made, heavy duty adhesive foam tape provides a long lasting extra strength grip. The Azar Acrylic Wall Mount Frame Series are available in 20 sizes, so you are sure to find one that will suit your specific needs.