Turtle-y Awesome Riser Displays

Turtle-y Awesome Riser Displays

Posted by Erin Morris (photos by Kellita Weber) on Nov 22nd 2023

Azar's products frequently grace the shelves of gift shops, and our acrylic risers recently caught the eye at a wildlife facility's gift shop, where they were used to showcase a collection of turtle-themed keepsakes. The transparent elegance of our acrylic risers beautifully highlighted the intricate details of the turtle-themed keepsakes, creating an enchanting display for wildlife enthusiasts. These are a great way to showcase merchandise at various heights, grabbing the attention of shoppers as they browse and turning everyday items into organized displays.

Souvenirs were elevated on our 3.5” Clear Acrylic Riser Pedestal within the shop to draw shoppers attention, showcasing the intricate details and craftsmanship of each item in a visually captivating display. Sold in packs of 4, these risers are excellent at maximizing the amount of product that can be displayed in a small area. 

Our range of risers comes in different heights, providing customers with a diverse array of display options. The 5.5” Clear Acrylic Riser Pedestal allowed the shop to display drinkware, highlighting numerous designs and size variations. The acrylic material offers a sleek, contemporary appearance while ensuring a robust and stable foundation. Check out our wide assortment of acrylic riser pedestals here.

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