Trade Show Ready

Trade Show Ready

Posted by Jenny Donaghy, Images provided by customer on Feb 20th 2023

The marketing and design team at Precision Armament graciously shared their pegboard planogram that they displayed at the SHOT Show 2023. Jake from Precision Armament explained, “I purchased the display to show off our new packaging in an appropriate, contemporary way, how customers might see it in a retail space, and to draw people in with its sharp looks.”

Shop this display: they started with the Two-Sided Pegboard Floor Display on Revolving Base (Sku # 700277-BLK), and added two different types of hooks to hang merchandise. The top of the display has 2” Lexan Locking Hooks (Sku # 800002-B), and beneath those hooks are the 2” Glass-Filled Nylon Hooks (Sku # 800072-BLK). The trays are 13”W Divider Bins (Sku # 556115), and at the bottom they attached the metal magnetic board panel (Sku # 900913-SLV).

Precision Armament specializes in high-end tactical firearm accessories including muzzle devices/accessories, scope rails, and control accessories. Intended primarily for use on purpose-built tactical weapons as well as high-performance competition and hunting rifles, their products are designed with an emphasis on rock solid reliability as well as accuracy, light weight and ergonomics. From the use of sophisticated FEA software to multi-axis machining of exotic materials, they utilize advanced technologies to continuously offer their customers the absolute best products available.

The trade show is for shooting, hunting, outdoor recreations and firearm manufacturing industries. The show is owned and sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), and is one of the two largest events of its type in the world. This year’s attendance was roughly 60,000 people. “It was a huge draw and I’m very proud that I had the chance to run with the project and bring it to fruition for the show,” said Jake. “People from all walks of industry came over and were intrigued by the presentation of our products in their new packaging, with many asking if they could buy the exact display we were showing.”

Please contact our sales department with any questions or for help customizing your own pegboard planogram at (800) 959-1295. Shop our entire line of pegboard displays and accessories at

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