​Work Smarter Not Harder

​Work Smarter Not Harder

Posted by Tanya & Kellita on Sep 4th 2018

Kikkerland Designs Inc. creates clever gadgets that make everyday tasks easier and make you feel happier when you use them!

Azar’s risers 515336515334, and so many others are used to display Kikkerland’s porcelain cacti collection and other gizmos. These risers are perfect to showcase numerous retail items at varying heights while maximizing counter space. Azar’s clear acrylic risers are practical and lightweight for everyday use. They are available in many sizes to meet different display needs.

Our double foot two-sided sign holder 152722 is constructed of clear quality acrylic and allows for easy viewing of marketing information and photos. This sign holding Kikkerland's marketing information compliments their cacti collection.

Kikkerland Designs Inc. also uses Azar’s easel displays 515430 for their items longer in length such as their bamboo paper straws.  Easels elevate your products and grab your customer's attention. Easel displays are the perfect solution for displaying books, tablets, or any promotional items, while maximizing counter space.

Azar's acrylic shelves 556012 are also used to display Kikkerland's wide range of clocks.These shelves can be used on a pegboard and slatwall. Two plastic hooks are attached for easy mounting.