Sweet Nostalgia with Azar Displays

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Candytopia, a candy-themed pop-up museum exhibits “Colossal candyfloss constructions melding with a tantalizing taffy twistedness” located in NYC. Candytopia brings the Candyland experience to life with its extravagant edible art. Candytopia uses Azar’s sku #751405 Five-Tier Bowl Floor Display to display all its loose candy items. The design of Azar’s transparent bowls, grabs the customers attention, being able to see all the colorful items inside. The metal base is sturdy and durable for high traffic areas. Azar’s Bowl Displays are ideal for keeping products neat and accessible to the customer. Azar’s sku #515425 Acrylic Easels are used to display Candytopia’s product and pricing information. These are great in maximizing counter space while advertising information. Azar Sku# 556206 Large Deluxe Trays are also used to display Candytopia’s loose items. These trays are great to merchandise a variety of items. Azar sku# 326045 Three-Tier Counter Step Display is used to hold Candytopia’s decadent chocolate bars. Step Displays grab customers attention by displaying items at varying heights. The H-Clips included with the step display are used to display Candytopia’s signage.