Large Deluxe Clear Acrylic Rectangle Tray Organizer for Desk or Counter, 4 Pack

Azar International

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Sold in Packs of: 4
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Material: Styrene
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Measurement: 11.75"W x 5.875"D x 2"H
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Inside Dimension: 11.1875"W x 5.25"D x 1.625"H
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Color: Clear
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Azar Displays line of Deluxe Clear Trays have a high-end glass-like look that enhances the appearance of any product placed in them. The trays are lightweight and highly durable with clear polished edges. The open bins are made from top quality 5/16” thick crystal styrene. These trays are stackable. The uses for these clear acrylic rectangle trays are endless; use in retail stores for displaying loose items or for impulse buys by the register. Organize products by color or style using these attractive trays. The crystal clear plastic allows your customer to clearly see contents inside with easy to access wide opening for a better shopping experience. Also great for use in medical offices, hotels, museums, parties and events to hold candy or any other fun items. The transparency of these deluxe displays add a touch of fancy and complement any décor. The multi-purpose clear plastic storage trays are practical, versatile, and can be used for a variety of items in any home or office or store.   Think outside the box with these clear plastic trays: make up brush holder, jewelry, sunglasses, desk supplies, craft organizer, hair accessories and more. Offer a sophisticated look to your home or any workspace. Get organized with these beautiful and practical trays. Available in many sizes and styles. Sold in Packs of 4. 

  • Sold in Packs of: 4
  • Material: Styrene
  • Measurement: 11.75"W x 5.875"D x 2"H
  • Inside Dimension: 11.1875"W x 5.25"D x 1.625"H
  • Color: Clear