Shop with Azar in a “Pinch”

Shop with Azar in a “Pinch”

Posted by Tanya & Kellita Images provided by Talya on Aug 15th 2019

Pinch Provisions offers innovative emergency kits that redefine what it means to be prepared. Each fashionable and modern kit is designed to provide every woman with every necessity in her purse at her fingertips no matter what the occasion. Pinch Provision uses Azar’s displays to merchandise their colorful and unique themed emergency kits and its contents:

Item #556404: 4”W x 4”H Clear Acrylic Cylinder

Item #556406: 4”W x 6”H Clear Acrylic Cylinder

Item #556206: 11.75”W x 5.875”H Large Deluxe Tray

Azar’s cylinders can be used 3 ways: upside down as risers to elevate your product at varying heights which allows for easy viewing of your product. Pinch Provisions uses Christmas Lights inside the cylinder to capture customer attention. Or flip it over and you have a canister to organize accessories. Or encase your item to feature it while keeping it protected. Azar’s cylinders and deluxe trays enhance the appearance of any product displayed and are cost-effective for arranging smaller accessories and trinkets. Stack the trays to create a multi-tiered counter tray display!