Kalan at NY Toy Fair 2019

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Check out Kalan’s booth at the 2019 Toy Fair in NYC full with Azar Displays. Kalan is a leading supplier of trendy and innovative gifts and novelty items, creating specialty products for retailers across the United States. Kalan hangs their colorful charms on Azar’s item # 700250-PNK Revolving Two-Sided Pegboard Display. On Azar’s item 700250-BLK floor pegboard they hang carabiners keychains, key rings and car window signs using Azar’s hooks item # 800002-BLK. Azar’s item #224051 and #224053 cup displays are used to showcase the various styles of vibrant pens. Kalan’s rainbow colored journals and pencils sit neatly in Azar’s item #556107 acrylic cube bins. Item #225503 three compartment tray showcases Kalan’s magnets. The T-Strip on top holds Kalan’s logo sign and product information. The revolving base makes the product easy to view and shop. Azar’s item #703385-PNK revolving counter display is used for cuddly animal keychains. Buy a pegboard display for your store and maximize your sales opportunity within a small footprint!