Displays for Cuddly Friends

Displays for Cuddly Friends

Posted by Tanya & Kellita Images provided by Pat on Jul 11th 2019

The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company specializes in Custom, Private Label and Licensed toys, gifts, and plush items for both in-line retail sales and strategic promotions. They develop safe, high-quality merchandise at price points designed to work across all channels of trade. Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company uses Azar Displays to showcase their products in Claires’ store locations.

  • #700770-Two-Sided Pegboard Floor Display on Studio Base used to display product.
  • #556116 -16” Adjustable Divider Bin for Pegboard or Slatwall
  • #556070- 16” Open Tray for Pegboard or Slatwall

        To display their wide variety of plush characters.

Azar’s pegboard displays captures the customers' attention to any product that is displayed. The clear bins allow for easy viewing of product and make it accessible to customers. This pegboard display takes up a small footprint and is ideal to place anywhere in the store or at the cash wrap for impulse buys. All pegboard displays are available in a variety of color, sizes and styles! Beautify your store with Azar’s pegboard displays!