The Ultimate DIY Multi-Purpose 24-Piece Pegboard Wall Organizer Kit with Two Panels and Accessory Assortment (2- 13.5"W X 22"H)

Azar International

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Wall Mount
One Sided Wall Mount
27" wide
Bullet 1:
Sold in Multiples of: 1
Bullet 2:
Material: High Impact Styrene
Bullet 3:
Panel Thickness: 0.125
Bullet 4:
Combined Panel Size: 27W x 0.875"D x 22"H"
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Includes: Two Pegboard Panels, Pegboard Accessories and Hardware
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Organize any space with Azar Displays 24-Piece Double Pegboard Organizer Kit. Get organized and declutter any space with this easy multi-purpose Accessory Kit. Azar's pegboard panel set comes with pegboard wall panels, hooks, bins, cups, headband holder, necklace bar, and hanging hardware. Perfect for a kids room to organize hair accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, trinkets, art supplies, and electronics. The possibilities are endless with this pegboard accessory set- use in your home, craft room, play room, basement, dorm room, teen room, garage, storage room, kitchen, garage, shed, workshop, office, or retail environment. The pegboard organizer kit includes: 2 pcs. 13.5" x 22" perforated plastic pegboard wall panels, 4 pcs. 2" Clear Plastic Hooks, 2 pcs. 3" Dia. Cup, 2 pc. 4" Dia.Cup, 2 pcs. 3 Cup Tray, 1 pc. Acrylic Bin, 3 pcs. Dividers for Bin, 1 pc. Acrylic Headband Holder, 1 pc. Half Round Bar, 1 pc. 4" Cube Bin and 4 of Dry Wall Screws with Anchors. It's never been easier to tackle those organizational projects such as child's closet, crafting, sewing, scrapbooking, Cricut, and for storing ribbons, art supplies, tools, hardware, children's toys, legos, squishies, candy, charms, nerf, gaming remotes or gamer accessories and headphones, jewelry, cosmetics, grooming, toiletries, belts, accessories, and other loose items.  Simply mount the pegboard panel to any flat surface, arrange the hooks and pegboard accessories assortment to your preference and you now have a custom peg wall to keep your things neat and accessible. The plastic pegboard panel is made of high impact styrene which makes it strong and durable. Azar's pegboard wall panel organizer can be used in retail stores to present your customers with a plethora of impulse-buy items with easy accessibility, and visual appeal. Increase your sales using Azar's versatile merchandising display wall! Choose from our many panel colors. White and Black are opaque solid, and the other colors are translucent. Mix and match colors by combining multiple pegboard kits to make your custom organizer as large or as colorful as you want! Azar's organizer kit is the perfect solution to help you declutter and get organized.

  • Sold in Multiples of: 1
  • Material: High Impact Styrene
  • Panel Thickness: 0.125
  • Combined Panel Size: 27W x 0.875"D x 22"H"
  • Includes: Two Pegboard Panels, Pegboard Accessories and Hardware