Un-BOWL-ievable Amusement Park Gift Shop Display

Un-BOWL-ievable Amusement Park Gift Shop Display

Posted by Erin Morris on Sep 8th 2023

A local amusement park turns shopping into an adventure in itself. This fun and attractive display creates a shopping experience that is as thrilling as the rides. Azar’s Sky Tower Bowl Display combines functionality and aesthetics as shoppers rummage through the bowls to find their favorite souvenir to buy.

Eye-catching displays attract visitors in between rides and draw them into the park’s retail shops to browse a variety of trinkets and keepsakes. This gift shop selected our Sky Tower Bowl Display (SKU: 300298-SLV) to feature their array of plush toys. The display’s unique track design allows for adjustable component placement, giving the user countless design options. Azar’s assortment of sky tower accessories, such as shelves, frames, and additional bowl sizes, create endless possibilities for this unit.

The next time you visit an amusement park, don't forget to stop by the gift shop. You might just be surprised by the creative and innovative ways they've found to make your visit even more memorable. And who knows, you might come home with more than just memories – you might come home with an unforgettable souvenir from an un-BOWL-ievable display!

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