Showcasing 18th Century Caddies with Modern Elegance

Showcasing 18th Century Caddies with Modern Elegance

Posted by Erin Morris (photos by John Reusing) on Feb 2nd 2024

Step back in time with us and discover how a seemingly simple acrylic riser elevated a captivating collection of 18th-century tea and sewing caddies. Our customer, John, entrusted his precious heirlooms to one of our Deluxe Risers, transforming their display into a truly museum-worthy presentation.

John was happy to educate us on the history of these caddies and their elegant craftsmanship. Owning a beautiful tea or sewing caddy in the 1700s showed good taste and wealth. They were often displayed prominently in homes, especially during tea ceremonies. Tea was precious and expensive in the 1700s, so keeping it fresh was crucial. These caddies protected loose leaf tea from moisture, air, and light, ensuring its flavor and quality. Similar to tea caddies, sewing caddies went beyond storing basic tools. Owning a beautiful caddy in this era was an indication social status, especially if it was made from expensive materials or featured elaborate decorations. 

Our customer found the answer to his display needs in the clean lines and understated elegance of our acrylic riser. Azar’s 2” Clear Acrylic Deluxe Riser (SKU: 515362) was a perfect height to exhibit John’s caddy collection, bringing the caddy to life and allowing its unique details and intricacies to shine. John noted that his caddies “always blend with the wood where they are displayed,” so our clear acrylic risers were perfect to assist with the intended aesthetic. He “didn’t want a flimsy plexiglas riser, but one with substance and wonderful finished acrylic edges, and Azar’s product was exactly what I needed.” Shop our large line of riser displays here.

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