Scent-sational Displays by Thirty3 Candle Co.

Scent-sational Displays by Thirty3 Candle Co.

Posted by Erin Morris (photos by Jaquie Rash) on Oct 27th 2023

Working with local businesses is our favorite, and partnering with Thirty3 Candle Co was an aromatic delight. From candles and wax melts crafted from a vegan, paraffin-free coconut-soy wax to their phthalate-free and skin safe fragrances, Thirty3 Candles aims to create a scent-sory experience for their consumers. As owner Jaquie Rash mentioned to us, “Our eyes shop first and it’s important to make a memorable first impression,” which is why she selected Azar Displays pegboard spinner for her beautiful candles and aromatics.

Jaquie used our 3’ Four-Sided Pegboard Tower on a Revolving Base to display Thirty3’s assortment of car fresheners, wax melts, and diffusers. With multiple colors to choose from, Azar’s rotating tabletop display racks are easy to clean and maintain. They are strong, highly durable, and take up minimal space. Jaquie loves that she can use every inch of display space on this unit, creating the “perfect solution to elevate products to an eye-level resulting in capturing more attention from potential customers.” She also noted that the design of the display allows her products to be the focal point, fitting their style of luxury branding.

This spinner display tower is simple to assemble. Add hooks, bins, buckets, or trays, load your product, and you’re ready to start selling. Jaquie opted for our 4” Lexan Hook to showcase her scent-illating products. The plastic Lexan hardware ensures durability, and our locking technology securely fastens in place with a snap so the hook is secure and does not wobble. The versatility of being able to adjust the hooks for different sized /shaped items allowed Jaquie to showcase many different scents of wax melts and diffusers while simultaneously being able to display a colorful assortment of air fresheners. Jaquie said, “I love it because I can create a full-looking display, without it looking cluttered!”

Azar International Inc. has been the industry leader of quality Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) displays for 45+ years providing innovative and custom design solutions. Azar is a U.S. based company headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey with manufacturing and distribution out of Kingston, Pennsylvania. The company is known for its thousands of in stock products as well as fast shipping. We also have the experience, capability and logistics to handle volume orders, drop ships, roll outs, and special packaging. Azar prides itself in recycling as much as 80 percent of raw materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. For more information about Azar Displays products and capabilities please visit our website and follow us on social media.