National Dog Day

National Dog Day

Posted by Jenny Donaghy, Images provided by Franny B Good Dog Collar Charms on Aug 26th 2021

In honor of National Dog Day, August 26th, we reached out to one of our longtime customers who markets fashionable dog collar charms to dog lovers. The shop owner, Mindy, got her inspiration to start her business, Franny B Good Dog Collar Charms, when she adopted her dog back in 2015. The charms are designed to be switched out as often as you desire, and used to express personality, favorite foods, sport teams, hometowns, holidays... you name it, they probably carry it!

"We selected Azar Displays purple pegboard spinners to perfectly complement our look and showcase our charms," said Mindy. "The display and charm combo is fun, vibrant and is perfect at the cash wrap for impulse purchases."

Franny is pictured next to two of our counter displays. The smaller one is our Four-sided 4"W x 12"H Pegboard Tower with Revolving 9" Base (SKU# 700220-PUR) and the taller one is our Revolving 8"W x 20.625"H Pegboard Counter Display (SKU# 700508-PUR). Both displays are on spinning bases and ideal for any counter or table top for customers to browse. Mindy added signage to the T-strip on top of the pegboard to display her company name and a brief description of the product.

National Dog Day is celebrated August 26th annually and was founded in 2004 by Animal Rescue Advocate, Colleen Paige. This day is to encourage people to adopt rescue dogs, and if your heart is set on a pure breed then to first look into pure breed rescues. For dogs adopted on August 26th, National Dog Day becomes that dog's new birthday and will be celebrated in their new home for years to come. If your family is not ready for a new four legged friend then we encourage to donate $5 to your local shelter or rescue on August 26th.

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