Making Waves With the Hang Loose Display

Making Waves With the Hang Loose Display

Posted by Erin Morris (photos by Aaron Hansen) on Jan 5th 2024

Surf’s up with our friends at Hang Loose Bands! Within the surfing community, the Hang Loose sign is a gesture that signifies a warm welcome, the sharing of positive vibes, and the celebration of memorable moments among friends. Hang Loose Bands are fabric beach bracelets branded with that exact symbol, which has evolved into a global expression connecting people to the spirit of everlasting summers and tropical paradises. To display their wide collection of wristbands, anklets, and knotbands, owner Aaron Hansen selected Azar’s floor displays to align with the brand’s atmosphere.

When looking for a floor display to add to their repertoire of display options, Aaron found our Two-Sided Pegboard Floor Display with C-Channel Sides on a Revolving Round Studio Base. Standing at five feet high, this two-sided rotating fixture stands on an injection-molded heavy duty clear plastic base, which provides an elevated look for your display needs. It’s easy to add branding with the C-Channel sides and t-strip header affixed to the unit. Aaron noted, “the blue pegboard compliments our brand, we use blue as our brand color in all of our merchandising platforms.” Easy to clean and maintain, Azar’s pegboards are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to tailor your display to suit your needs. Shop our line of pegboard floor displays here.

The company selected Azar’s 6” Lexan Hooks in black to hold the merchandise in place on the pegboard. Aaron loved that these hooks are “simple, clean and easy to install,” while allowing the product to be the main focus. The locking technology design of these hooks secures the peg hook with a "snap" so that the hook does not move or wobble on the display fixture. Easily remove the hooks by pulling up and releasing the bottom peg. These multipurpose locking hooks come in a variety of sizes and finishes and are a great way to display all peggable packaging such as bracelets, hair accessories, necklaces, souvenirs, trinkets, and other retail goods.

Need help creating a display for your brand? Gather ideas from our new 2024 Digital Catalog. The links are interactive and will bring you directly to each product. Or you can also contact our sales department for expert tips and tricks for your design at 1 (800) 959-1295.

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