How to Assemble an Adjustable Divider Tray

How to Assemble an Adjustable Divider Tray

Posted by Jenny Donaghy Images and Video provided by Ace on Aug 26th 2021

Purchasing an adjustable divider tray may seem complex to some, but our how-to video shows step-by-step just how simple it is to build a complete display set. The Azar Displays Adjustable Trays are a game-changer for the retail industry -- the dividers are adjustable to allow products of all shapes and sizes to fit into this display.

First, start with an Adjustable Divider Bin Tray as the base. Our trays come in clear and black, and they are 12" wide. The merchandiser tray is designed with an interlocking system to connect additional trays, giving the ability to create a long cohesive shelf of trays. All of our adjustable divider bin trays come with two metal U-Hooks (SKU# 700020) so they can be hung on a pegboard or slat wall.

Then you need to determine how many compartments you would like for each tray by deciding how many center dividers are needed. There are two options for dividers: Short Center Dividers and Tall Center Dividers. The short is 1.125" in height, and the tall is 2.25" in height. Small slots in the divider bin trays give retailers the flexibility to lock-in dividers close together or further apart. Retailers have the freedom for each compartment to be a different size so that each slot can house a different product. Trays can also be used season after season as inventory gets swapped out and packaging sizes and shapes get enhanced. Once you determine the divider size (short SKU# 225903 or tall SKU# 225909), do not forget to order the end dividers. The ends will ensure the products on the end compartments do not fall out. Shop end dividers here.

Finally, the last piece of the adjustable kit is the Spring-Loaded Pusher Tracks (SKU# 225901). Easily snap in the pusher track into each compartment so items are positioned front and center for customers to grab. Retailers have the option to customize how many pusher tracks to add and where. Spring-Loaded Pusher Tracks easily snap off for future customization.

Add-on optional items include graphic C-Channels that adhere to the front of the tray bin. A C-Channel is a plastic extrusion that is slightly bent on the top and bottom to hold graphics, color pallets, prices, or product number identifiers. There's multiple C-Channel options available on our website here. The C-Channel included in the video is the H C-Channel (SKU# 700085). The Bullnose Flip-Up C-Channel (SKU# 600037) has two channels for inserting graphics, one in the front that is a bullnose giving the graphic a "pop" of attention and one under the flip up. Another option for the 12" Adjustable Bin Divider is the H Flip Up C-Channel (SKU# 700052) which has two channels for inserting graphics, one in the front and one under the flip up. Both C-Channels are designed for 11.75" L x 1.25" graphics to slide in. 

This video includes the following products and quantity:

(2) SKU# 225830 - Adjustable Divider Bin Tray

(8) SKU# 225902 - Short Center Divider

(4) SKU# 225903 - Short End Divider

(10) SKU# 225901 - Spring-Loaded Pusher Track

(2) SKU# 700085 - Graphic C-Channel

(4) SKU# 700020 - U Hooks

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