An Artist Maximizes his Space and Gets Organized

An Artist Maximizes his Space and Gets Organized

Posted by Jenny Donaghy, Images provided by customer on Mar 23rd 2021

We love when our Azar Displays customers share how unique and creative our displays can be. The possibilities are boundless when working with a blank slate, or in this case, a large two-sided black pegboard panel on a metal wheeled base. Chayot reached out to our sales department with photos of his newly organized art space saying, "I wanted to share with you about how excited I am to receive my Azar Displays' catalog as well as my orders that arrived this week!"

Chayot is a local Kansas City art photographer and painter, and needed a solution for storing his paint supplies. Living in a one-bedroom loft, he set out to research options to maximize his space at home so that he no longer had to dig through plastic bins to find the right tool or paint color. "I hit the jackpot seeing the possibilities how Azar's retail POS display items could work for me," said Chayot. 

"I realize the vast majority of your customers are retailers and know that the company is broadening the customer base for general consumers by offering pegboard wall kits for the home," said Chayot. "Over the last couple weeks, I researched the items Azar offers and the space I have to work with and found the perfect combination of items to assemble the ultimate art supply organizer for my home studio space."

Pictured below is Azar Display's Two-Sided Double Pegboard Floor Display on a Wheeled Base (SKU: 700732). The combined panel size is 32" W X 60" H. Chayot then uses white 4" Scan Hooks to showcase his various paint swatches and even painted the scan bar with a dash of paint as a color reference guide. He then added our 16" W Open Tray for Pegboards (SKU: 556070) for extra paint and various other supplies. On the reverse side he used our Clear Single Pocket Wall File W/ Pen Holder (SKU: 250000) for drawings and files. He added our 4" Diameter Cup Displays for Pegboards for his paint brushes. Then really flexed his creative muscles by adding our Bracelet Bar for Pegboards (SKU: 800020) to hold blue painters tape.

If you have an idea for a display you'd like to customize, or questions on whether your items will work for a certain pegboard or slat wall accessory please feel free to reach out to our customer sales team at

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