A Vintage Collector's Haven

A Vintage Collector's Haven

Posted by Jenny Donaghy, Images provided by customer on Nov 11th 2021

Sometimes our blog inspiration starts from a social media post where a customer tags us in a photo, and we then reach out to see if they're interested in a feature. That's exactly how this blog started with Ben. His collection of action figures displayed on our three-tiered step displays (SKU# 326047 and 326050) and acrylic shelves (SKU# 556017) caught our attention on Instagram, and we were so excited he agreed to share.

"As a personal hobby, I have a large collection of vintage toys that I display in a former woodshop in my basement," said Ben. "The woodshop was covered floor to ceiling with pegboard on the walls, and as my collection grew, I was looking for additional display options that could make use of the pegboard because I was limited on space."

"The Azar Displays shelving was much more modern looking than a lot of the alternative pegboard accessories which were made more for garages and shops with an industrial look. The different sizes and configurations were perfect to fit the space I had and also the different sizes of toys in my collection, and the clear acrylic looks great with different types of lighting as well. I continue to grow my collection and post new additions on my Instagram account, @matchwitsdesign, and have been adding more and more Azar pegboards solutions to keep them all on display."

Step displays and acrylic shelves provide easy access to products while maximizing space on the pegboard. The clear acrylic design keeps the focus on the showcased items, and there are multiple sizes to chose from. Shop the whole collection of pegboard and slat wall accessories on our website.

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