Posted by Tanya & Kellita Images provided by Ace on Jul 16th 2020

Check out this great use of Azar's pegboard, bins, and trays to organize and showcase colorful Lego pieces and memorable assembled Lego collection:

#256105- 4” Wall Cube Bin for Pegboard or Slatwall

#556127 – 5”W x 6"D x 7"H Small Display Bucket with C-Channel

#556128- 8"W x 6"D x 9"H Large Display Bucket with C-Channel

#556011- 20"W x 8"D Clear Acrylic Shelf For Pegboard and Slatwall

#556012- 20"W x 6"D Clear Acrylic Shelf For Pegboard and Slatwall

Azar’s pegboard accessories enhance the appearance of any product on it. The clear color shelf and bins allows for easy viewing of product. All displays are available in a variety of sizes. Diversify your pegboard panel wall with buckets, bins, and trays. Make your display POP! Use the C-Channel to insert branding or a graphic on your display. Elevate your product with Azar’s displays!