BuDhaGirl Uses Azar’s Bracelet Display to “Balance” their Bangles

Posted by Tanya & Kellita Images provided by Pat on Mar 6th 2019

BuDhaGirl is Mindful Glamour, turning routines into rituals. It is a story of awareness and new beginnings – a vehicle made-up of beautiful objects and jewelry for bringing the mind back into balance and focus. Azar's Item #900066 Vertical Counter Bracelet Display holds BuDhaGirl's beautiful and stylish bangles. This jewelry display creates a simple, organized merchandising solution for customers to browse. The single pole bracelet holder stands on a non-revolving base – choose black or clear base. The pole is constructed of durable quality acrylic. These counter displays are a great way to maximize your counter space and showcase your bracelets or watches. Use them in boutiques, retail or jewelry stores, cosmetic counters or in your home.