Azar Displays Shops With DTLR


DTLR is recognized as one of the most fast growing, lifestyle retailers of street-inspired apparel in the country. DTLR is dedicated to providing a unique and high energy shopping experience. DTLR used Azar Displays’ Two-Sided Pegboard Floor Spinner, Item #700250-BLK, to display packaged undershirts. Previously they had the packaged undershirts hanging on the wall behind the register, and after moving the product to the display, sales increased dramatically within the first week. DTLR was able to maximize space to sell more product and make it more accessible to the customer. The design of Azar’s pegboard display allows for a customer to view all the merchandise without moving because of the revolving base. Making your products accessible as well as overall appearance is important to grab the customer’s attention and make the sale! Azar’s pegboard floor fixtures will help to achieve this goal and boost your sales right away!

*Pegboard units available in many styles and colors.