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Whats Up Nails Gets Artsy with Azar

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Whats Up Nails sells nail accessories and tools using Azar's trays and acrylic displays.
With Azar’s Modular Adjustable Tray item #225830 they are able to set up an entire wall of trays that fit their product perfectly.
Items used with Azar’s Adjustable Tray:

Item #225906 Six Compartment Divider Insert

Item #225918 Eight Compartment Divider Insert

Item#225901 Spring Loaded Pusher Track Set

Item #225902 Short Center Dividers

Item #600037 Flip-Up Bullnose C-Channel for Branding and Pricing.

Whats Up Nails also uses Azar’s Acrylic Easels, Item #515415, 515405, 515410, 515420. The Acrylic Easels are used to display nail art stamping plates for easy viewing to the customer. Loose items are neatly displayed in Azar’s 6” Deluxe Bins Item #556306. The side by side brochure holder Azar's Item #252386 and item #300290-SLV Snap Frame are used for branding, advertising, and information to the customer. Quoted from our satisfied customer: "Very happy with how it turned out and definitely would not have had the look we wanted without Azar. Azar Displays acrylics really made our store pop!”

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