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​Azar Displays Scores a Touch Down!

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Check out Azar’s pegboard displays at the Tailgating Sports & Licensing Show in Las Vegas last week at Prime Brands Group’s booth. Prime Brands Group is a leading manufacturer of Consumer Products specializing in Consumer Electronics & Stationary categories including over 50 collegiate universities. They are known for their great brands and unique designs. Prime Brands Group uses Azar’s item #700732-CLR 32”W x 60”H pegboard display along with item#556018 acrylic shelves to showcase their wireless speakers and chargers. Their peggable wireless headphones and cell phone accessories hang from Azar’s lexan hooks item #800076. Item #700432-CLR H-Unit pegboard floor display with wheels showcases their bluetooth and collectible items. Azar’s item #700040 acrylic sign holders is used to brand the top of the display. All of Azar’s signature pegboards are a great way to merchandise all of your products in a small foot print. Item #751403 14” Bowl Floor Display is used for Prime Brand’s sport keychains. Our bowl displays enhance the appearance of any product you place in them. Shop Azar Displays for all your store or tradeshow needs!

​Work Smarter Not Harder

Kikkerland Designs Inc. creates clever gadgets that make everyday tasks easier and make you feel happier when you use them!Azar’s risers 515336, 515334, and so many others are used to display Kikkerland’s porcelain cacti collection and other gizmos. These risers are perfect to showcase numerous retail items at varying heights while maximizing counter space. Azar’s clear acrylic risers are practical and lightweight [...]

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